Department of Nursing

Hellenic Mediterranean University

The Science of Nursing


Nursing is not only a human-focused science, but also a specialized art. It is a complex scientific activity that focuses on the individual, the family, as well as society as a whole, in all their states of health or sickness.

The purpose of Nursing is to assess health needs, plan interventions and help the healthy or ill individual take action to promote their health and rehabilitation.

The goal of nursing education in our Department is to cultivate analytical and critical thinking and to encourage the students’ active participation in the learning process. The teacher acts as a learning coordinator, advisor, and assistant.

The educational environment of the Department encourages the development of an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, while promoting the autonomy and independence of students and offering equal learning opportunities to all.

The Nursing Department, as well as all health profession departments, are usually quite appealing to candidates, seeing as they offer good professional opportunities and prospects.

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