Department of Nursing

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Field of study – Goals


The Department focuses on teaching the Science of Nursing; a Science of crucial importance for the individual, family, and society as a whole, aiming at:

  • the promotion and maintenance of health;
  • the prevention of disease;
  • the treatment of disease;
  • the restoration of


Field of study:

The holders of a Bachelor’s in Nursing should meet the requirements of the nursing profession. This is achieved by acquiring knowledge, skills, and experience so that they can offer the following services:

  1. Providing personalized nursing care, which includes promoting and maintaining health, preventing disease and complications, treating any illness, and restoring health, always based on scientific data.
  2. Applying nursing procedures in daily practice; i.e. clinical assessment of the individual, nursing diagnosis, planning of nursing care, implementation and evaluation of results.
  3. Providing information and supporting the autonomy and independence of individuals so that they can adapt to real or potential health problems.
  4. Teaching nursing in educational programs at all levels of nursing education.
  5. Designing and carrying out research programs to solve problems that arise in nursing practice.
  6. Evaluating and improving the quality of nursing care, as well as participating in interdisciplinary efforts to ensure quality in health services.
  7. Designing and realizing primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention and health education programs aimed at individuals and groups in schools, workplaces, as well as other parts of the community.
  8. Integrating professional values ​​as well as the ethical and legal commitments of nursing in nursing practice.
  9. Basic research projects’ design and implementation dealing with the development of innovative biomedical applications and tools.
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