Department of Nursing

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Mission of the Department


The mission of the Department is:

  • To provide high-level training in order to produce nurses with a deep understanding of their science, able to provide excellent personalized care. These nurses will have a wide range of scientific knowledge adapted to new developments and data, as well as the necessary experience to apply said acquired knowledge in real-life situations. They will be equipped with planning skills and the ability to utilize scientific conclusions in clinical practice, as well as the ability to disseminate knowledge to the general public, individually and collectively.
  • To promote applied research through collaborations with other institutions and organizations at the national or international level, as well as to cooperate with them in order to exchange know-how and/or design educational programs.
  • To prevent disease, promote health, and improve the general quality of life of the population through establishing a connection between the Department and society (local authorities, groups, individuals).
  • The continuous evaluation and improvement of the quality of the services provided by the Department.
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