Department of Nursing

Hellenic Mediterranean University



The Curriculum covers the subject of the Nursing Science, related to human, family and society, aiming to the promotion and maintenance of health, disease prevention and treatment, as well as recovery.
The improvement of the Curriculum is essential for the Department of Nursing, in order the students to gain a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, as well as to develop special skills towards the provision of high-level services.
Update of the Curriculum is decided depending on the international standards and needs. To update the Curriculum, evaluation reports and healthcare professionals’ point of view, international scientific and research trends in the field of Nursing are taken into account.
The undergraduate Curriculum covers four academic years and includes 55 courses – among them 50 are compulsory and 5 are elective compulsory. Alternatively, each student may select 4 elective compulsory courses and the course Elaboration of Research Paper (Dissertation).

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Compulsory Compulsory
Introduction to the Nursing Science Fundamental of Nursing
Anatomy I Community Nursing I
Physiology I Anatomy ΙΙ
Introduction to Cell Biology Physiology ΙΙ
Introduction to Computer Science Clinical Microbiology- Infection control
Environmental Health Biochemistry
Scientific Bibliography Search – Principles of Scientific Writing and Presentation



Elective Compulsory

Introduction to Psychology Theories of Nursing Science
  Counseling & Communication Skills in Nursing
  Spreadsheets (L)
  Nursing Clinical Skills

3rd Semester

4th Semester

Compulsory Compulsory
Pathological Nursing I Pathological Nursing II
Surgical Nursing I Surgical Nursing II
Nursing Physical Examination Nursing Research Methodology
Fundamental Principles of Pharmacology in Nursing Nursing Rehabilitation of Chronic Patients
Personalized Care-Precision Nursing Nursing Care Systems
Internal Medicine Epidemiology

Elective Compulsory

Elective Compulsory

Crisis management Integrated Health Information Systems
English Terminology in Health Sciences Transcultural Nursing
Perioperative Nursing Qualitative Research Methodology
Patient Safety Bioethics
First Aid (Students from other facultieis of the HMU)  

5th Semester

6th Semester

Compulsory Compulsory
Pediatric Nursing Intensive Care Nursing
Maternal and Gynecological Nursing Emergency Nursing and First Aid
Biostatistics Cardiovascular Nursing
Oncology Nursing Evidence-Based Practice
Health Education and Promotion Public Health Nursing
Anaesthesiology Nursing Elderly Nursing
  Primary and home-based Health Care

Elective Compulsory

Elective Compulsory

Family Nursing Databases and Health Records
Biomedicine Environmental Nanotechnology Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management in Health and Welfare Services
Human Genetics Neurological Neurosurgical Nursing
Counseling of Obstetrics Elaboration of Research Paper (Dissertation)

7th Semester

8th Semester

Compulsory Compulsory
Community Nursing II Palliative Care Nursing
Teaching Methods in Nursing Organization and Administration of Nursing Services
Mental Health Nursing Clinical Placement – Surgical Nursing ΙΙ
Clinical Placement – Community Nursing Clinical Placement – Pathological Nursing ΙΙ
Clinical Placement – Surgical Nursing Ι Clinical Placement – Specialized Units
Clinical Placement – Pathological Nursing Ι  


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