Department of Nursing

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Counseling and Psychosocial Support Center

The Counseling and Psychosocial Support Center (CPSC) is a new service available to the entire university community, including students, professors and administrative staff.
Its mission is to facilitate all members of the HMU community in the process of adaptation in the educational environment, which can be challenging due to personal issues or stressful conditions. The Center’s support group includes the university doctor, psychologists, a social worker and a nurse, when needed. The Center also collaborates with the public and private sectors (hospitals, Social Welfare, psychiatrists, etc.) in required cases.
The Center focuses on primary and tertiary prevention of psychological health issues (psychology hygiene and reintegration into the education process) covering the whole range of mental disorders. Prevention is key and it is achieved through psychoeducation and information of individuals and groups on topics of interest (special announcements, workshops, conferences).
In addition, there have been appeals to the CPSC to intervene in certain cases that cause social difficulties, such as interpersonal and family relationships, and more particularly in working environment relationships (professor – student relationship or relationship between colleagues).

CPSC Website

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