Department of Nursing

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Graduates – Employment

The graduates of the Department of Nursing earn the title of “Nurse” (par. 2 article 5 of Law 1579/85) and acquire specialized scientific knowledge covering the entire spectrum of Nursing care, in order to become versatile Nurses able to take on various duties.

Nurses have the right to either work as employees of Nursing Units in both the Public and Private Health sector, or be self-employed.

The main sectors where nurses can find employment in our country are: the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare and Welfare Systems; Education; Private Health Institutions; Organizations & Businesses.

Nurses are the primary scientists responsible for the operation and organization of the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Healthcare Systems. Their role is not limited to interventions aimed at only restoring the health of patients, but also focuses on interventions aimed at maintaining & promoting health in general.

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